A special birthday gift celebrating the International Brigades

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Do you have an idea for a unique artwork made in stained glass? As an artist, I love to help people bring joy to their friends and family by translating their wishes into stained glass. I never know what someone will want me to make. This keeps things interesting and is a fun element of the job.

Last week, I was asked to make the flag of the International Brigades in stained glass. This would be a special birthday present for the lady’s husband. He works for a charity keeping alive the memory of those in the International Brigades.

What were the International Brigades? They were volunteers who travelled to Spain during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) to fight for democracy and against fascism. They came from Britain, Ireland and many other countries around the world to support these beliefs.

The flag of the International Brigades features the three colours of the Spanish Republic – red, yellow and purple. In the centre, is the red, three-pointed star, which is the symbol of the International Brigades.

I selected some vibrant stained glasses for the three stripes of the flag. These were approved by the client in advance. Then I drew up a pattern and cut the glass. The copper foil technique was used to construct the design. Steel strengthening strips were added between the copper foil joints and down the outside edges, to support the panel. The customer wanted to stand the flag in a window, so no hanging loops were added. Extra foil was added around the outside to make a border to frame the design.

Although the purple glass looks really dark on the table, it is a delight to see how it comes alive in the light.

I am sure the recipient will enjoy his special birthday gift.


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