Steampunk ‘Tiffany’ Style Stained Glass Lampshade

This bold stained glass lamp was inspired by the Steampunk movement – comprised of people who like to combine modern technology with the romance and inventiveness of the Victorian era, focusing on inventors and writers, like Jules Verne and H G Wells.

I let my imagination run free and gave the shade an industrial feel, sympathetic to the Steampunk ethos, with strong, dark colours juxtaposed with bright yellows and oranges. I added my ‘trademark’ uneven bottom edge to the lamp, featuring cogs and wheels to reflect the toil and mechanisation of a bygone era.

The Steampunk lampshade is constructed by hand using traditional ‘Tiffany’ copper foil technique, which involves cutting the individual pieces of glass and wrapping the edges in foil so that each can be soldered to the next piece. It is a very time-consuming process – the same as that first used in the late 1800s to produce the world-famous Tiffany lamps.

To add interest and texture to my design, I incorporated small pieces of fused glass that I created specially, along with wire coils and springs. Owing to the unique characteristics of the glass and the artisan processes involved, no two would ever be the same. It is both a functioning object and a work of art.

The shade is supplied mounted on a complementary antique-finish base with a convenient switched flex. The shade measures approximately 28cm high x 40cm wide and the whole stands 55cm tall when measured on the base.

It is a truly bespoke designer piece and would make a stunning statement in any room.


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Dimensions 28 × 28 × 40 cm

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