Purple vase and matching tea light holders

This wide-topped, delicate glass vase stands an impressive 24cm tall. Its gorgeous, rich, purple hue has been augmented with a simple, white floral embellishment and fine wire wrapping, designed to enhance, and not detract from, the show-stopping bold colour.

The five, hand-cut petals in shiny, white glass are set at different angles to reflect the light and give a sense of nature. At their centre sits a rounded, glass flower head created from a single bead finished with a crackle effect in a complementary, purple colour. Feature wires, tipped with solder ‘buds’, complete the design.

This unique design has been handmade carefully using traditional copper-foil technique – the same method used over 100 years ago in the original Tiffany lamps – yet updated for the stylish interior of today.

Circling down from the metallic band at the top rim of the vase is a delicate, wire trim, which allows the feature colour to shine through.

This decorated vase will look stunning in any place in the house. Stand it in a well-lit window or on a table to enjoy the strong colour of this piece as the light changes it through a kaleidoscope of warm mauve and purple hues through the day.

The tea light holders are in the same rich purple as the vase, and in an attractive and unusual wide, balloon-shaped design with a solid, clear glass base. Each measures 11cm tall by 11cm at the widest part. They feature a complementary white flower in a glossy glass, a crackle design bead focal point in matching purple and swirls of delicate wire to set off the design. Imagine how a lit tea light inside would illuminate the rich purple of the glass – beautiful!

Tea light holders should stand on a ceramic tile or other heat-resistant surface. Never leave a lit tea light unattended.

Vase dimensions: 24cm tall by 13cm diameter.

Tea light holder: 11cm tall by 11cm diameter.


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Dimensions 13 × 13 × 24 cm

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