Blue Vase with Daffodils

Nothing says Spring more boldly than a daffodil. Their appearance always brings joy and hope after the winter.

Blue glass is one of the richest colours. It glows in the light and makes a perfect backdrop to these pretty yellow and orange daffodils on this angular vase.

This unique vase features a clear glass base, within which sits a blue glass recess to display your cut or dried flowers, if you wish. You may prefer to keep it as an artwork in its own right.

Around the neck of the vase is a collar that supports a stained glass daffodil. Each piece of the daffodil has been made by hand and assembled to reflect nature, with the petals soldered together at different angles to catch the light. The lower daffodil is suspended on a wire and the angle is mirrored with the second wire. The effect is an Art Deco feel, as suggested by the linear shape of the vase.

This vase encapsulates all the optimism of a new season and fresh growth.

It would sit equally well in a modern or traditional home interior. Ideal to decorate your own home or as a unique gift for a friend or loved one.

It stands about 18cm tall.


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Weight .56 kg
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 18 cm

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